Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ORB review

The article that I read was called My Not-So-Little Pony. It’s about the new 2013 ford mustang. The car doesn’t look much more different then the 2012 model but the point of the car wasn’t for its looks. The difference between the 2012 model and the 2013 model is in the inside of the car.

The goal for the SVT 650-hp 2013 Shelby GT500 is to reach the goal of 200mph. the car beats the upcoming 580-hp Chevy Camaro ZL1. It even beats the 638-hp Corvette Zr1 upcoming car. This means now there is going to be a new horsepower war against the two company’s. 

With a 200-mph top speed as their goal the SVT engineers altered the gt500’s gearing. They also changed the ratio. 5 of the 6 gear ratios are new. By ford changing the gear ratio it changes the speed and torque of the car. This makes it easier to launch the car.

Ford has also changed the dual-plate clutch and made it bigger in diameter from 9.4 inches to 10.2 inches. Doing this makes the car stiff enough to resist vibration at 200mph and also makes the car lighter by saving several pounds over the previous two-piece steel shaft.

During the engineering of the car it was tested at the Nardo track in Italy. The car has gotten to a top speed of 202 mph. the car goes from 0-60 in no more than 3.7 seconds. This car model has more down force and more drag. The engineers were careful to make sure that they make these changes so that the car would reach the 200mph limit. The car is expected to come out in May 2012.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Old Man in the Sea Essay

In the story The Old Man in the Sea the old man has many decisions that he has to make to try and catch the marlin. He refuses to give up. Even after getting hurt like for example when his hands started to bleed he just put the and salt water and said “Now he knew there was the fish and his hands and back were no dream. the hands cure quickly, he thought” by the old man washing his hands in the salt water he is healing his hands so he can catch the marlin.

At one point in the story he has to deal with sharks attacking him and the fish. “When the old man saw him coming he knew that was a shark that had no fear at all and would do exactly what he wished. “He prepared the harpoon and made the rope fast while he watched the shark come on the rope was short as it locked what he had to cut away to lash the fish”. The old man is trying to stop the shark from attacking the marlin. He ends up killing the shark
“I killed him in self defense” said the old man in the story. the old man had to kill the shark to save the marlin and him mentally.                                                                                                                                

Near the end of the story after the old man caught the fish he made the decision to raise the sail. “The breeze was fresh now and he sailed on well”. The breeze made it easier for the old man to sail back home.
But in the way home it was not a easy sail back. He had to deal with the sharks attacking the marlin. “Then he hooked up the bar with the knife lashed as he could because his hands rebelled the pain”. The old man is attacking the sharks so that they cant kill and eat the marlin.

By the end of the story the old man reaches land but the marlin has died. It was only bones now. As soon as the old man got home he fell asleep. The old man was out on the sea for three days and came back with a dead fish. So pretty much his trip out to sea to catch the marlin was not worth it. He came back with a dead fish because he couldn't keep the sharks from attacking the marlin and eating it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

walking dead

                                                                Walking Dead
The date is July 15th, 2011 and it’s almost midnight. Suddenly Ryan wakes up from a loud noise from the barn. He wakes up his brother Kyle and tells him about the loud noise. I think there is someone in the barn Ryan says to Kyle. They decide to go to the barn and see what the noise was. When they get to the barn they see that the door has been opened. Did dad forget to lock the door asked Kyle?  No dad always locks the door said Ryan. They enter the barn.  Suddenly Ryan screams and they both look over and see that something has killed and eaten their horses. What the hell could have done this said Kyle? They both started looking threw the barn trying to find what had killed there horses. When they got to the other side of the barn they found one horse that was still alive but they could tell that something has bitten a huge chunk out of it. Ryan noticed that its eyes were blood shot red. It didn’t look normal and was in a lot of pain.
After awhile of searching the barn they found nothing. Then all of a sudden Ryan said shhhh. What Said Kyle? I hear something outside. So they decided to go check behind the barn. Ryan grabbed a flash light and a shotgun that there dad always kept in the barn. Are you going to shoot it said Kyle? Look what it did to the horses Kyle, said Ryan. Whatever it is if it can do that to a horse than it can definitely to it to us so I’m bringing it just in case.  Ok said Kyle in a worried voice. They got to the back of the barn and couldn’t really see anything because it was so dark and there was no light behind the barn. Then Kyle pointed and said I see something. So they both ran towards it. Where did it go said Ryan? Near the truck yelled Kyle! When they got to the truck they realized it wasn’t something, it was someone! What are you doing here, said Ryan. Did you kill our horses? The man didn’t respond.
They kept trying to talk to the man but he would not answer. Ryan got so mad that he grabbed the man and threw him over to his side and started screaming at him. Then the man got up and turned around. His face was covered in blood and his eyes were blood shot just like the horse.  Suddenly he started running at Ryan and Kyle. They both started running towards the house to get there dad. But the man was right behind them chasing after them. Then Ryan did the unthinkable and turned around and shot the man in the leg with the shotgun that he had got from the barn. It blew the man’s leg of and he fell. Kyle looked at Ryan. Why the hell did you shoot him asked Kyle? Ryan just stared at the man on the ground not even saying a word.
Then right when Ryan was going to say something the man started crawling towards Ryan and Kyle. The man grabbed Ryan’s leg and tried to bite him but Ryan kicked him in the head. This man isn’t human said Ryan. He’s like a zombie or something like that, said Kyle. Then Jeff who is their dad whipped open the front door with his rifle in his hand and yelled, what is going on I heard a gunshot go off. Kyle just pointed at the sick blood covered creator that was still trying to have Ryan for lunch. Jeff ran towards the man trying to help him up but Ryan grabbed him before he got to him. Don’t touch him said Ryan. What did you do to this man asked Jeff? He’s not a man said Kyle.  He’s a zombie.
About 30 minutes later Jeff, Kyle and Ryan were inside the house. They decided to lock the creator up in the barn. They tried calling 911 but no one was answering the phone. Ryan turned on the TV to see if anything was in the news. When he turned on TV the first thing that it said was breaking news. The news was saying man eating creators were infecting the city and that they were spreading the disease by biting people. They were saying that the only way to kill these creators were to shoot them in the head and that if you see any of these creators you should kill them right away. They were saying that you should take shelter and stay at home and do not go outside. All of a sudden Ryan grabbed the gun and ran out the door towards the barn. When he got to the barn he unlocked the barn door and ran inside the barn. The zombie was still there eating the horse that was still alive. The horse didn’t even react to the zombie biting him. It was like the horse was a zombie too. So Ryan put the gun to the zombies head and pulled the trigger. The shot blew the zombies head off. Blood splattered everywhere. Then Kyle and Jeff ran into the barn and just looked at the dead zombie. Ryan was expecting Kyle and Jeff to freak out but they just started laughing. Holy crap, said Jeff. You blew his head off.
It’s been about a month. The date is August 17 and they haven’t left the house at all unless they needed to grab leftover food from the barn. They are almost out of food and the disease has gotten out of control. Ryan and Kyle know that they were told to stay home and not leave by the news they have no choice. They have to search for food. They decided to stock up on weapons to bring with them. They bring their shotgun rifle and two handguns and two AK 47s and all the ammunition they could carry. Jeff decided to stay home and watch and protect the house. They both walk out the door and look back a Jeff and say goodbye. Good luck, said Jeff.
It’s now been two days since they left their house and they are now in the city. Everything has been destroyed and there is no sign of anybody living or dead. They have found little food but enough to still go on. About an hour of walking the city streets and they are no tired and extremely hungry. Suddenly a woman comes running out of a building screaming. Then three zombies come running out right behind her. Ryan and Kyle both took out their hand guns and start shooting.  All three were shot in the head and killed. Thank you said the women. No problem, said Ryan and Kyle. Are you ok?  Yea I’m fine said the women in a worried voice. Kyle notices that the woman was holding her arm. What’s wrong with your arm said Kyle to the women. Nothing said, the women. Then why is there blood dripping from your hand. Ryan and Kyle both knew that she had been bitten. I know what happens after you have been bitten, said the women. Then suddenly she grabbed Kyle’s hand gun and shot herself in the head. They were both surprised but they both knew at one point they would of have to of done it them selves. Kyle went to go pick up his hand gun wiping the blood from the women of his gun using her shirt. What are you doing, said Ryan to Kyle. What? It’s her blood not mine. I’m not going to ruin my shirt. Anyways she’s dead now, what does she care. Ummm yea I guess you’re right, I’m pretty sure a clean shirt is the least of her problems right now, said Ryan
One day latter and they still haven’t found food. But then Ryan notices that there is a prison up the street that he could notice that there were candles lit on top of the building and a sign that said food, protection and shelter. When they got there they were greeted by two men. They let them inside the prison, but first they were searched to make sure they weren’t bitten or anything like that. When they entered the prison they saw that there were six men and three women. All of them were well armed with weapons and grenades and all that good stuff that you could use to kill zombies. After they were all done introducing them selves to Ryan and Kyle and they told there story on how they got there and how they took over the prison, Ryan and Kyle both explained why they were wondering around the city streets and how they were looking for food and that they had left their dad back at home to protect the house. They both were assigned prison cells to sleep in. they both needed sleep because they were so exhausted so after a good size meal they were off to bed.
It’s been about seven hours since they have fallen asleep when suddenly thy both wake up to gun shots going off. They both grabbed there new guns that they were given and ran down stairs. There were zombies everywhere. They had somehow broken in and were now running around everywhere. They both started shooting but there was too many. Ryan and Kyle along with the others started heading up towards the roof. There were bullets flying everywhere. Then all of a sudden one of the guys threw a grenade down the stair well and with a big explosion, the zombies all went flying. Not all gave up though. Some were still crawling up the stairs even with there legs blown off. There were still too many zombies and now they were cornered on top of the roof with nowhere to go. When suddenly a helicopter came up and just started spraying bullets everywhere. Then the helicopter landed and everybody started boarding the helicopter as fast as they could because zombies were still running at them. Then the helicopter took off and was on its way when Ryan and Kyle looked to see who else was in the helicopter and saw that their dad was aboard to. How did you get here, said Ryan and Kyle? I found flares in the basement and set them off in the yard and soon enough they showed up and I told them about you guys and what way you guys started walking. So where are we going now because I’m guessing were not going back home, said Kyle. Well were going to Los Angeles.  Why are we going there? Because there is no infection there, said Jeff.  By the time they got there they realize that was no longer the case. The city was destroyed and the infection was horrible. There were zombies everywhere and they knew once they landed they were going to be in the fight for their lives.